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Technical Ceramics

Back to Basics: Pump Factory Performance Tests - …

Back to Basics: Pump Factory Performance Tests. ... They follow the following set of affinity laws. Affinity Laws (Speed Change) Q2 = Q1 * (N2 / N1) H2 = H1 * (N2 / N1)2: ... Read more

The application of Sarsaponin on …

In this paper, the author introduce one of deodorizer and a new type non-nutrition additive--Sarsaponin. At the same time of introducing the application and machanism of ... ... Read more

nikkiso non-seal® pumps - NIKKISO Pumps …

NIKKISO NON-SEAL® PUMPS NIKKISO Company Limited, a pioneer in “Canned Motor Pumps”, began production in Japan beginning in 1957. NIKKISO is now one of the ... ... Read more

China’s restriction on rare earth metal export is unlawful ...

heavy metal — China’s restriction on rare earth metal export is unlawful, WTO says Despite environmental concerns, China must open its market to the world. ... Read more

Microwave Popcorn Without The Bag! - One Good Thing …

Microwave popcorn? Without the bag? It can’t be. Can it? ... The next time I go to pick up popcorn at the store, I’m just going to buy kernels in bulk! ... Read more

regular thumb screw是什么意思_regular …

regular thumb screw 对称翼形螺钉 thumb screw 翼形螺钉,蝶形螺钉 plug (thumb screw) 蝶形螺塞 milled edge thumb screw 铣边翼形螺钉 pressure regulating thumb screw 压 ... ... Read more

'Z' Purlin Hangers - Eaton

Hangers UPC/Part Catalog Description Box ... “Z" Purlin Flange Hangers UPC/Part Catalog Description Box Number Number Qty. 78101104274 BH1-F4 #8 Wire or 100 ... Read more

Wholesale CNC Cutting Service - Atlantic-Cnc.com

Welcome to Atlantic-Cnc.com Your wholesale cnc source We provide 2D & 3D routering for prototypes, special fittings and forms, Vee bit carving of signs, 2D cutting of ... ... Read more

Chain & Studs - Kal Tire

Chain & Studs . CHAINS AND STUDS ... Z-Cable Chain, ... They provide better traction on ice and hard packed snow over standard winter tires by 'clawing' into the ice. ... Read more